Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 15 December, 2015

The off-going watch (4-8) took our beautiful boat Momonoy out for a sail this morning before heading off for their two days ashore. It was quite a relaxed work day aboard the ship for the on-watch: getting lots of coats of paint on various open projects and slushing the rig with a tarry mixture while the weather is good and the coatings will dry quickly. With shade from the main deck awning and a cool breeze blowing, music playing from the bridge and plenty of excellent food coming out of the galley it’s not so bad here at anchor off the coast of Africa.

14 Dec

SHIP’S WORK: Primer coats on starboard t’gallant rail, port freeing ports and stanchions, rust bust and prime chart house ladder, full coat black on the superstructure trim, two coats of buff on the spanker boom, paint bowsprit buff. Training in the leadline and driving the skiff.

At: anchor, Essaouira, Morocco
POSITION: 31°30.2’N /009°46.4’W
WEATHER: Still calm and clear. Temperature much the same as yesterday: warm in the day and cool at night.