Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 14 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Humid, warm, H 18c L 11c, barometer 1001.

Watching the jib boom being sent out today was a fascinating process. Unlike when we hoisted the t’gallant masts and the royal and t’gallant yards, almost everything with sending out the jib boom happens at eye level and in a smaller amount of space. In one scan you are able to see crew working the capstan on the focs’le which provides the main force of moving the jibboom, a tag line on the dock that helps to make small shifts of the jibboom from port to starboard and the Captain and Bosun near the bowsprit controlling the whole process. As commands were called out, the crew responded well by repeating orders and doing exactly what was required. A coordinated effort by everyone resulted in a day’s job being successfully completed.

14 Oct 1 - optimized 14 Oct 2 - optimized

Ship’s Work: Sent out the jibboom; three coats of 50/50 linseed/turpentine on new oars for Monomoy; load wood and books into hold; prime and topcoat martingale; rust bust bend and prime stuns’l iron on foreyard; fiberglass patch rescue boat. Training: sail training and practice bracing the upper and lower tops’ls with the 12-4 and 4-8 watches. Engine room: installed new switch in big main electrical board; removed old bilge pump; prepped new bilge pump to install.

14 Oct 4 - optimized

14 Oct 5 - optimized