Day's Run

Days Run – 14 August, 2018

Meat donuts for breakfast! Called “bakes” in Grenada where they are a long-standing traditional side dish. Always a great way to start your day off here on board the Picton Castle. Busy, beautiful day on board as we motor through headwinds. The Captain says this pretty odd wind patterns but not unheard of, just odd. Last night we sailed through a front and squall lines and then winds pooped out altogether followed by becoming westerly this morning. But Rarotonga calls. We want to get there Saturday.

Ship’s work: The fore mast fife rail received a coat of varnish yesterday and the main mast fife rail is being scraped today. The inside head was primed and the carpenters were working on the quarterdeck replacing and planing a deck plank. The riggers, covered in tar as usual, have sent down foot ropes and are serving them on the main deck. And 6-year-old Dawson packs for the beach, excitedly awaiting our arrival in Rarotonga, where “his beach” awaits him.

Yesterday our Chief Mate Erin, of Bermuda, held a block and tackle workshop, educating the crew on different blocks we have on board, demonstrating how to care for a block by taking it apart, applying a hefty amount of grease and linseed oil and how to put it all back together. The crew was eager to learn how the blocks worked, what the various kinds do and which jobs are best for the different blocks. We do not have winches; who needs them when we have tackles galore.

From: Mangareva, French Polynesia
Towards: Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Date: August 14th, 2018
Noon Position: 20°12.4’S x 148°51′ W
Course + Speed: WxS + 5.1 knots
Wind direction + Force: SSW + 3
Swell Height + Direction: 2m + WxN
Weather: Bright, sunny
Day’s Run: 94.7nm
Passage Log: 123.6nm
Distance to Port: 614.5nm
Voyage: 7611.5nm
Sails Set: All heads’ls, main t’gallant stays’l, main topmast stays’l, mizzen stays’l, spanker