Day's Run

Day’s Run – 12 July, 2018

Wind has picked up moderately, steady swells coming from the south as we inch our way to Pitcairn. Last night on watches we went over where the gear for the stuns’ls will be led to on the forward fife rail. As no additional pins will be added to the rail, lines for other sails will be doubled or tripled to one pin. For the mates and lead seamen, it’s crucial that their watch know their lines. Been rainy all afternoon, misty rain in light squalls.

The fore yard stuns’l boom and the upper topsail stuns’l boom were swiftly sent aloft and secured this morning. Steady precipitation this afternoon delayed sending up the stuns’ls. Yet the rain hasn’t slowed down the all-star all-female rigging team. They’ve taken the outer jib sheet wire from the foc’sle head down to the well deck and will overhaul it as needed.

The sailmakers sought shelter below in the main salon. They’re stitching brand new white canvas man rope covers for our Monomoy and skiff. Brief explanation of man rope covers: when the boat team are lowered in the boats from the quaterdeck rail to the water, they hold onto the man ropes to ensure their safety. The ropes are stored in the covers held up by rotten cotton, hanging an arms reach above the centre of the boat, accessible and easily unlatched from their housing. (Why rotten cotton? So when they are needed, it’s just one sharp haul and they come down.) The covers are in place to protect the rope from exposure to the elements which may weaken it.

The engineers were able to make headway this morning, before the rain, on the stack house door frame located on the quarterdeck. Rehearsals for the talent show we’ll hold on Pitcairn began last evening. Vaiufia of Tonga taught a group of male crew the haka. Tad of Washington orchestrated a sailor shanty rehearsal and Tony of England, the show’s MC, is working hard to recruit talent, ensuring they have what they need in order to perform and organize the order of acts. Today marked the first rain day in quite some time. Days like these are great for catching up on rest, reading (ideally nautical material) and organizing interior spaces such as the hold, salon or one’s bunk. Crew has been pleasantly enjoying this longer passage – spirits are well, a happy ship is a healthy ship.

From: Galapagos
Towards: Pitcairn Island
Date: July 12 2018
Noon Position: 19°54.7′ S x 119°59.6′ W
Course + Speed: SW 1/2 W + 3 knots
Wind direction + Force: ExS + 3
Swell Height + Direction: 2m +ENE
Weather: Rain
Day’s Run: 71.2nm
Passage Log: 2090nm
Distance to Port: 639nm
Voyage: 5566.7nm
Sails Set: All square sails