Day's Run

Day’s Run – 12 January, 2019

As we steadily sail along today between 5 – 6 knots, crew members are taking advantage of the lovely sunny weather with the perfect sea breeze whisking through our rigging and stays, cooling our sun-warmed faces. This morning a few work tasks were completed before our half day off work this Saturday afternoon could commence. The two fruit lockers on the quarterdeck received a top coat of fresh buff paint. The door and door frame that leads from the well deck into the carpenter’s shop got a fresh coat of varnish. On the quarterdeck, sailmaker John of Massachusetts finished up the last few stitches of the royal CT 15’s new sun patch. After lunch the paint locker was closed up for the day, the sailmaker packed up his sail making tools and project and all work was laid to rest. The on-duty watch were able to bring out a book on deck or a personal project and plunk away while being on stand by for sail handling.

From: Rodrigues

Towards: Reunion

Date: Saturday, January 12th, 2019

Noon Position: 20°42.8′ S x 060°15.8’E

Course + Speed: W 1/2 N + 4.6 kts

Wind direction + Force: E + 3-4

Swell Height + Direction: 1-2m + Easterly

Weather: Sunny

Day’s Run: 109.7 nm

Passage Log: 186.5 nm

Distance to Port: 278.9 nm

Voyage: 17381.1 nm

Sails Set: All sails set