Day's Run

Day’s Run – 11 November, 2018

Sunday at Sea! There is always a sense of calm when waking to sunny, calm seas and winds on Sunday morning. Even though the ship’s routine is the same, same wake-up times and same meal times, Sundays have an air of peacefulness about them. With no projects being opened up, no sails laid out on the deck and no riggers gearing up to head aloft, crew members take time to catch up on their personal projects.

It was an active morning on the hatch, with the awning strung up and shipmates gathering underneath to seam or grommet their ditty bags, enjoy their book and chit-chat. Dawson had a series of clothespins snapped together and it was his snake. The well deck was filled with shipmates doing laundry and woodworking, crew members have been busy carving their own bowls, cups, spoons and stools!

Lead seaman Abbey got up this morning and performed her rig check. Every lead seaman has an area or two of the ship that they maintain. Each of the masts are distributed among the lead seamen as well as areas such as the tar locker, carpenter’s shop, paint locker, tween decks, and carpenter’s and paint stores. This ensures items are organized, supplies are stocked up and waste is kept to a minimum. This afternoon the Captain will hold a discussion on Bali, educating the crew on the ins & outs and dos & don’ts of the country. This will increase our excitement about our first port since leaving the South Pacific!

From: Vanuatu
Towards: Bali
Date: Sunday, November 11, 2018
Noon Position: 10°31’2 S – 137°34.8′ E
Course + Speed: W b N 1/2 N + 3.4 kts
Wind direction + Force: ENE + 3-4
Swell Height + Direction: 1m + Easterly
Weather: Sunny
Day’s Run: 81.5 nm
Passage Log: 82.2 nm
Distance to Port: 1350 nm
Voyage: 12317.5 nm
Sails Set: All square sails, inner jib, main topmast stays’l, mizzen topmast stays’l