Day's Run

Day’s Run – 11 January, 2019

First day back out to sea. It always feels good to be back to our regular schedule. Away from the hustle and bustle of port, back out in the open ocean air. Ship’s work resumed as usual. Rhyanne, of South Carolina, was given the task of touching up our ship’s emblem; a castle turret with an anchor imprinted on it and a dragon wrapped around the turret. We have two, one on either side of the funnel on the stackhouse, high above our quarterdeck, looking out over the vessel like gargoyles on a church. Our Lunenburg dory, Sea Never Dry’s bottom is looking refreshed, after a few coats of bottom paint and a top coat she’ll float better than ever.

In the afternoon, the Captain and our Chief Mate held seamanship workshop on coiling. How to properly coil a line whether it’s on deck or coiled in your hand, followed by how to coil hawsers and coils made for running, which lead into practicing coiling the head sail halyards for running and then testing the newly learned technique by taking in all four head sails at once, a rather fun exercise to end the workday off with.

From: Rodrigues

Towards: Reunion

Date: Friday, January 11th, 2019

Noon Position: 19°53.8’S x 062°00.0’E

Course + Speed: W by N 3/4 N + 3.8 kts

Wind direction + Force: E + 4

Swell Height + Direction: 1-2m + ENE

Weather: Sunny

Day’s Run: 78.6 nm

Passage Log: 76 nm

Distance to Port: 382.6 nm

Voyage: 17270.6 nm

Sails Set: All sails set,