Day's Run

Day’s Run – 10 January, 2019

Rodrigues was delightfully relaxing port. After a busy yet amazing stay in Bali and a wonderful 30 day ocean passage, a sleepy French speaking Mauritius island was just the best. Very friendly people, easy town to stroll around in. Popping in and out of shops or relaxing beach side as the sun was setting, enjoying a delicious local meal and a refreshingly cold ice cream for dessert. The temperature generally ranged around 28°C – ice cream is a staple in a sailor’s day off routine. The shops were filled with wonderful locally made handicrafts; woven natural fibre baskets, decorative hats, table mats and hot pads. And the clothes! There was an abundance of stylish clothing sold for amazingly affordable prices. At this point in our year-long journey, many of us are running low on presentable clothing, as the clothing we brought has become the victim of life at sea.

At 1600 we sailed off the hook, having been at anchor
since leaving the harbour in the morning to make room for the island’s supply
vessel. Anchor up, skiff hoisted and loose all sails, leaving the royals
secured in their gaskets for the time being. Dirk set our course northwest.
Once the excitement of setting all sails had ceased, the engine was shut off
and all lines were neatly coiled and hung on their respective pins, the crew
were broken into sea watches. The 4-8 watch took the deck as the rest took to
their bunks, we are back at sea.

From: Rodrigues

Towards: Reunion

Date: Thursday January 10th, 2019

Noon Position: 19°40.7’S x 63°25.2’E (at anchor)

Course + Speed: N/A

Wind direction + Force: N/A

Swell Height + Direction: N/A

Weather: Partly cloudy morning, clear by 1000, dry + warm

Day’s Run: N/A

Passage Log: N/A Distance to Port: 464 nm

Voyage: 17181.0 nm

Sails Set: N/A