Day's Run Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Day’s Run – 10 January, 2016

It’s been a gentle start to our crossing from the Canary Islands towards Senegal, starting with a Sunday at Sea. We spent the day sailing slowly past the iconic island of Tenerife until the light wind died completely so we took in all sail and fired up the main engine to make some headway through the calm.

SHIP’S WORK: Rig checks on the fore and main, teaching lines and boxing the compass to new hands. We take it easy on Ship’s work on Sundays, Sunday at Sea – ‘make and mend’, giving the watches time to work on personal projects or study. I saw people mending clothes, finishing up ditty bags, sharpening knives and our new hands working on learning their lines and the compass.

10 Jan

TOWARDS: Dakar, Senegal
TIME ZONE: GMT – 1/2 hour
NOON POSITION: 27°24.4’N /017°01.8’W
DAYS RUN: 45nm
COURSE AND SPEED: South by West(CMGT 187°T)
WIND: Force 1, S
WEATHER: 1/8 cumulus, air temp 68F (20°C), barometer reading 1023 millibars, visibility good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: approx 1 foot, W SAILS SET: Took in all sail after lunch to steam through light airs