Transatlantic Voyage 2015

Crossing the Atlantic

Written by Third Mate Anne-Laure Barberis

It has now been three days since we left the last lights of the Cape Verde islands behind us, with no regrets. After two weeks in Sao Vicente it was time to discover new horizons! For the next two weeks at least, our horizon will be limited by the endless sky and ocean, our whole world will be the ship and ten or so nautical miles around us.

The crew resumes the ‘at-sea’ routine, rotating through the clock to assure a constant watch of the ship. Little sail handling is expected with the steady trade winds, which allows everyone to focus on other projects: sailmaking, carpentry and rigging repairs are on the program, as well as celestial navigation class, which will teach all the art of determining the ship’s position with a sextant and the stars!

Meanwhile my feelings are torn between the desire to cross the Atlantic very quickly to have more time to explore the Caribbean, and to be incredibly slow to get more time sailing, learning, and why not setting the studding-sails! But as always, this will depend on the wind; and whether the crossing is long or short, we will for sure have a great time!

Anne-Laure Barberis
Anne-Laure Barberis