Meet the Crew Miscellaneous Pacific Ocean World Voyage 5

Crew Changeover in Panama

In Panama we said goodbye to two crew members, Nicksa and Dr. Krista. Nicksa, a young South African, has been with Picton Castle since December 2008 and is leaving us for the amazing chance to become a cadet in the Full Rigged Ship Danmark for the summer. We’re all very excited for this incredible opportunity for Nicksa to advance his training, skills and experience as a seafarer in one of the finest ships in the world.

We managed to steal Krista away from her job as an ER doctor in Lunenburg to be our medical officer for almost six weeks and we now have to let her return to her regularly scheduled work and family life. This is by no means Krista’s first time at sea under sail, for a number of years she was a deck hand in the magnificent Schooner Bluenose II out of Lunenburg.

While we’ve said goodbye to two crew members in Panama, we’ve said hello to five more. Relieving Krista as medical officer is Gary, who sailed on the Atlantic Voyage with us as medical officer. Another familiar face is Billy Campbell, who circumnavigated on our fourth world voyage. Mike made a short passage with us last summer between Boston and Halifax (he has sailed on a number of other sailing vessels too, including the Brigantine Romance) and is now back to sail again for a longer period, seems he needs to see some South Pacific under sail. Robert was with us in Lunenburg but had to miss the first passage in order to take care of a few things at home in Germany, so he rejoined the ship in Panama, and Roselyne from Holland has joined us for the first time.