Lunenburg Miscellaneous

Coronavirus and PICTON CASTLE

Dear PICTON CASTLE crew for our voyage to the South Pacific,

It is pretty clear that have been some dramatic and
significant changes in our world in the past few weeks.  We continue to
look into how these changes affect PICTON CASTLE and our upcoming voyage to the
South Pacific. 

As we announced earlier this week, we will be delaying the
start of the voyage by a month.  This seems like a good start on dealing
with this situation, what with bans on travel, etc.  We have been
consulting with industry colleagues, medical advisors around the world, and in
the ports we plan to visit to figure out the current situation and how we all
anticipate it will look a few months from now.  We will continue to do so.
 We increasingly believe that setting back the sailing date adds a great
deal of confidence in a proper start to our voyage.  And not much flying
into Nova Scotia over the next few weeks, anyway.

It is a complicated patchwork of issues and there are a lot
of factors to consider, a lot pieces to the puzzle to get to fit
together.  We are making progress but don’t have all of the answers
yet.  We are very committed to making this voyage happen, as safe as can
be, even if we have to wait an extra month for it to begin.  For right
now, delaying the joining date and sailing date gives us many advantages.
 Not the least of which is that by setting back the planned sailing date a
month, ports and agencies have time to get settled and organised.  And
also if China is any measure, we are likely to see relief, and we could be over
the hump of this in three months time.  

As things continue to develop, we are re-examining the
routing of the voyage.  It still looks like no major changes.  We’ll
provide updates on how that’s going and hope to have a finalized new voyage
plan by the end of this month.  Right now we are pretty confident the main
changes will be quite manageable, but it is premature to speak in absolutes at
this time.

In the meantime, we encourage you and your families to do
your best at staying healthy.  We all need to continue to wash our hands,
practice social distancing, and follow the directions of our health
authorities.  We want you to be strong and healthy when it comes time to
set sail on this exciting voyage to the South Seas.

Maggie and I want to express our gratitude to all those
weighing in with their sage counsel, experience and dedication to the amazing
opportunity this voyage affords us all.

Daniel D. Moreland, Master, Barque PICTON CASTLE – March 20, 2020