Coffee With The Captain of Pride of Baltimore II

Those of you who follow the topsail schooner Pride of Baltimore II, the State of Maryland’s sailing ambassador, on social media will be familiar with their regular feature “Coffee With The Captain.”  It’s a weekly chat with Captain Jan Miles where the highly respected schooner skipper discusses everything from sailing technicalities to weather observation, sea stories of previous voyages to what’s going on aboard the vessel that day.

Picton Castle and Pride of Baltimore II have had a close relationship over the years, largely because of the friendship of their two senior captains.  Captain Moreland was a captain of the original Pride of Baltimore many years ago.  Crew have gone back and forth working on the two vessels and it’s always a pleasure for us to sail in company with Pride of Baltimore II.  She is also a favourite visiting tall ship here in Lunenburg, warmly received when she sails in to our port.

On Saturday November 21st at 10:00 AST (9:00am in Maryland), Captain Daniel Moreland of Picton Castle will be Captain Miles’ special guest.  These two Captains have known each other for 40+ years, have been shipmates (they sailed together in Ernestina) and have each commanded their own vessels while sailing in company in a fleet of tall ships.  The format of Coffee With The Captain is quite relaxed and unstructured so the conversation is sure to be wide-ranging, educational and entertaining.

You can tune in at 10:00 AST on the Pride of Baltimore II Facebook page  to watch live, or tune in later to see what you missed.