Great Lakes Position Available

Boat Carpenter Internship

In the coming summer of 2019 the Sail Training Ship, the Barque Picton Castle is offering a spot aboard for a scholarship boat carpenter internship. Picton Castle will join the fleet of sailing ships voyaging the Great Lakes of Canada and the USA on this year’s Tall Ships Challenge series. Carpenter and shipwright projects that […]

Position Available

Hiring Staff Crew for Rendezvous 2017

Picton Castle carries a full complement of 52 people, which includes 40 trainee crew and 12 professional crew. While trainee crew don’t need to have any experience sailing, our professional crew are qualified, certified, knowledgeable mariners with hands-on experience. Because Picton Castle is a training ship they have to not only be excellent seafarers, they […]

Lunenburg Miscellaneous Position Available

Picton Castle Itinerary Update

For those of you who keep up with our website regularly, you’ll notice a change to our voyaging plans for 2016-2017. Sometimes an opportunity comes along that is worth changing plans for. This is the case this time. This summer, we’ll be involved in a special project that will see Picton Castle make two back-to-back […]

Position Available

Medical Officer Wanted

Are you a doctor who is curious about sailing a tall ship? Picton Castle is seeking a medical officer for our upcoming Westward Bound Voyage. We like to have a medical doctor aboard for our voyages, especially when we’re making big ocean crossings. You should have some experience with emergency medicine, but we’ve had medical […]

Aloha Polynesia Position Available South Seas Voyage 2013-2014

Seeking Ship’s Doctor, Mate and Lead Seaman

Aboard the Picton Castle, new trainees and crew are settling in and getting oriented to their new surroundings. The ship is currently alongside the wharf at Avatiu Harbour on the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. We’re spending a few days in port between Leg 1 and Leg 2 of the Aloha Polynesia Voyage […]

Cape Town, South Africa Indian Ocean Leg 4: Cape Town to Lunenburg Lunenburg Miscellaneous Pacific Ocean Position Available Reunion Island Story of the Picton Castle Uncategorized World Voyage 5

Legs 3 & 4

“It feels like I belong here, like this is home” one of our gang aboard said the other day. Over the past three months, the crew have come to know the ship and each other well, increasingly becoming more than friends or coworkers as we all depend on each other and on the ship to […]

Meet the Crew Miscellaneous Pacific Ocean Position Available Uncategorized World Voyage 5

Getting Close to Pitcairn Island!

With only 375 miles to go for the Picton Castle to reach Pitcairn Island – we are all getting pretty excited!!! In order to look after the ship whether she is anchored or hove-to offshore and also not to put too many of our crew on the island at once (and thus not overwhelming island […]

Miscellaneous Pacific Ocean Position Available Story of the Picton Castle Uncategorized World Voyage 5


From Panama the Picton Castle had mostly headwinds and we thus motored plenty more than we would have liked – must have been due to all the pollywogs aboard, now thankfully all gone – we did manage to sail across the Equator under full sail anyway. Being in the Galapagos is a multileveled treat. First, […]

Atlantic Ocean Lunenburg Position Available Story of the Picton Castle Uncategorized World Voyage 5


42-42 / 65-03 May 12, 2010 By Captain Daniel D. Moreland Just before dawn the sky was light in the NE with a tiny fingernail moon against a clear starry sky tugging the sun up to the horizon – breeze making up from the NW so looks like we will shut down the ME and […]

Miscellaneous Position Available

Engineer Wanted

Picton Castle is looking for an Engineer for our Summer Voyage 2009. The Engineer is responsible for keeping all of the machinery and equipment in the engine room running smoothly, including our 690hp Burmeister & Wain Alpha diesel engine. We also have two Lister generators, a Sabb generator, a bank of gel batteries and a […]