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Chibley’s Log, 2nd edition


Editor’s note: Here we offer Chibley’s second set of log entries. To be sure, this is not her second log as these clearly represent three separate log entries, although we cannot say with precision exactly to which days she is actually referring. We suppose that does not matter.


It was hot today, hot all day, hot, hot, hot! Except for me, I was cool. I snoozed in the shade after I slept in the warm light. I like them, shade and light. It’s nice to be hot. It’s nice to be cool. When it was dark I went into the big guy’s room and took a snooze on some deliciously smelly old clothes. Mushed ‘em all around until they were just right and then I napped. All the peeps should have such a nice pile of nice smelling old clothes to nap on. In the young peeps’ home they have lots of smelly clothes but they don’t always smell so nice. And there’s lots of black gooey sticky stuff on their clothes. Not so nice to sleep on for me. They seem to like it. Oh well. I purred for awhile. Later I had some food from a bowl and some water too. It was good. Took a look around, everything was okay. Some of the peeps wanted to pass their front hands down my nice fur. Seems a shame they don’t have so much of their own fur. I wonder why ? Their no fur having skin is nice for rubbing down my beautiful fur so it’s not so bad, really.

Editor’s note: In this log entry, Chibley reveals that she enjoys both warm and cool. In the interests of free speech we have not edited out her somewhat untoward comment about the pile of dirty laundry in the captain’s cabin . She is innocent of evil intent, we believe, at least in this isolated case.


It was windy today and my home leaned over. Sometimes it does that. Small bits of water, the salty kind, spits over the edge of my home and makes me a little bit wet. Sometimes it makes the peeps really wet. They make all sorts of funny noises when that happens. Peeps are funny. One of the peeps up-chucked and I thought how nice that was for them. Up-chucking always makes me feel good. The peeps must like it when that happens. Ate some food from a bowl.

Editor’s note: Apparently there was a great deal of hilarious squealing when a dash of spray took those standing amidships by surprise. Here, also, Chibley shares her feline satisfaction with that feline homeopathic purgative.


Cold today so I went to one of my warm places to snooze. I have many, many fine places to snooze at my home. Mostly the peeps snooze in the same spots all the time, not always though. Sometimes they snooze in other spots. The peeps are messing with new ropes today. They smell nice. And the peep who makes all the sails put some nice soft sails out for me to relax on. He is a nice peep, always doing nice things like that for me. I don’t up-chuck on his nice sails though, seems a bad thing so I don’t do that. Ate some food from a bowl and had some water too. My friend who makes the food for the peeps gave me some wonderful yummy things.

Editor’s note: In this entry Chibley reveals a high level of discernment and points to her understanding that somehow people are just la ittle bit different than cats.

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