Atlantic Ocean Caribbean Winter Voyage 2006-07 Grenada Lunenburg Prince Edward Island

Good-bye to Lunenburg, Bound for Grenada

Finally, the weather has given us the patiently anticipated window we were waiting for while all hands stored ship, bent sail and went through their first safety drills. On Tuesday the 5th of December at 1300 the lines were cast off from the Picton Castle dock in Lunenburg and a fine farewell given by Deputy […]

Atlantic Ocean Grenada Leg 4: Cape Town to Lunenburg World Voyage 4


Grenada! Oh, sweet smells of land, and cool, cool drinks, hamburgers, piña coladas, the smiling faces of people on the street (whom you don’t know, and that is actually kind of nice!). It has only been 17 days since Fernando but somehow it feels like longer. It has been small islands and quick island stops […]

Atlantic Ocean Grenada World Voyage 4

At Sea on the Way to Grenada

An hour after dawn. A sea bird has found a perch on the jack-stay of the main royal yard. The 4–8 watch has just reset the stuns’ls on starboard. The topmast stuns’l yard broke a day ago, now it’s fixed and back aloft spreading canvas. Lead Seaman Pania is snapping off instructions and orders with […]