Day's Run RDV2017 Rendezvous 2017

Captain’s Log – Norris Point Part 1

By Purser: Allison Steele

We’ve always known Newfoundland is a beautiful, hospitable province but nothing could prepare us for the incredible welcome we received at Norris Point. The entire community threw open their hearts and hearths for the crew of PICTON CASTLE in true Newfoundlander fashion. From the huge turnout upon our arrival to the warmth and generosity shown the minute we stepped off the ship, this is definitely a port visit we will never forget.

Fishermen’s Flotilla


Against some of the most beautiful scenery as a backdrop for our ship, we wound our way through the fiords to arrive at Norris Point being escorted by a flotilla of small fishing vessels decorated with balloons and streamers, full of people waving enthusiastically as they have not had a tall ship in this port for many years. Captain Sikkema docked the ship in his true fashion, without a hitch or even a nudge to the wharf and received a warm round of applause. Ship’s cat Fiji, of course, was first to depart the ship and began her stay by delighting the crowds of onlookers. Although we are only here for a few short days, we know that it will be a time to remember.