World Voyage 5

Bounty Day on the Picton Castle

By Pania Warren

Being from Pitcairn Island is a pretty big thing on the ship. A day hasn’t gone by without a story or a shipmate’s recollection of their time there. DB (David Brown) features in most of these tales. Deebs, your shipmates love and miss you!!

So when I was told by the Captain that it was Bounty Day (Captain’s note: I didn’t tell her, Pania told me!) on January 23rd he asks me, “What do you do on Pitcairn for Bounty Day?” I tell him, “It’s a day of fun, fishing, swimming and a burning of a mock Bounty at the end of the day down in the harbour.”

“Sounds like fun, we should do that. It’s on a Sunday, we can have a marlinspike! Pania, talk to people, make it happen.”

Wow! This only left us 2 days to make a model. And what an amazing model it was. We got a picture of the Bounty to follow (a little bit), Paul and Jan did such a wonderful job building the ship – all the while talking and reminding themselves how well it would burn. Shipmates would walk by and add their flammable recipes to the mix.

Johanna did an excellent job on the sailmaking side of things. Bounty sails made from true sails from our ship, old ones. All the correct measurements were made and each sail looked perfect.

The night before was filled with frantic rolling of breadsticks. The thing with breadsticks is that there has to be a lot of them! The crew absolutely love them, with one bite it takes you back to Pitcairn. Swimming at St. Paul’s pool, hiking to Christian’s Cave or having a whale’s tooth with Pirate Pawl!

The day arrives with more Pitcairn food throughout the day, with our marlinspike theme being Polynesian and old English sailors. Let’s just say there were some handsome sailors on deck (yes, you in the bucket hat! Hehehe) and some – cough -beautiful ladies out there. A little cross dressing, hmmm, too much time at sea…

Night began to fall, the Captain gave a small talk about the Bounty and before we set her alight and adrift, I christened her the HMS Bounty of the Picton Castle and let her go off the stern where -a little surprisingly (sorry guys!) she drifted burning for quite some time. I had a wonderful day. Sanks all yorley fer celebrating Bounty Day wes me!