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Bosun School Students Tour the BLUENOSE II

The beautiful, world-renowned Schooner BLUENOSE II is a Lunenburg, Nova Scotia icon. She is one of the largest two-masted schooners in the world. The original Bluenose was launched as a Grand Banks fishing and racing schooner on 26 March 1921 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It was designed by William Roué and built by the Smith and Rhuland Shipyard. After the BLUENOSE sadly struck a reef off Isle aux Vache, Haiti in 1946, her replica, the BLUENOSE II, was launched out of Lunenburg in 1963.

As their website states, “From the moment Bluenose took to the sea, it was evident she was a vessel unlike any other. When she took home her first Fishermen’s Trophy in October of 1921, the legend began. During the next 17 years, no challenger — American or Canadian — could wrest the trophy from Bluenose. She earned the title “Queen of the North Atlantic” and was well on her way to becoming a Canadian icon.”

Yesterday, we were delighted to have Captain Phil Watson offer to give the Bosun School students a tour of the Bluenose II. After being at her dock in Lunenburg for a few days, the Schooner BLUENOSE II was set to head out for transit at sea the next morning, so it was great to have the opportunity to hop on board before her departure.

It’s a very special year for the BLUENOSE II (and Lunenburg!), as 2021 marks her 100th anniversary! The crew of the BLUENOSE II have been busy this summer, sailing her around Nova Scotia from Cape Breton to Yarmouth, and anchoring in communities all over the province.

Captain Phil Watson has been associated with the BLUENOSE II for over 30 years, and this year also marks his 20th year as Captain of the Schooner. A wealth of knowledge, it was a wonderful experience for Bosun School students to have the opportunity to ask Captain Watson questions about the ship, her history, and what it is like to sail aboard the BLUENOSE. We have had many of our past Bosun School graduates join the crew of the BLUENOSE II as deckhands each summer, and this year is no different!

The rain held off for the morning, just long enough for a very interesting and in-depth guided tour above deck. Thank you to Captain Phil Watson and the crew of the BLUENOSE II for giving us a great tour! If you are in Nova Scotia, and are wondering if the BLLUENOSE II will be visiting your community this summer, follow this link to see her sailing schedule until the end of September 2021: