Bosun School

Bosun School – Launching the Semi-Dory and Rocky

Last Friday in Lunenburg the sun was shining, and it was such a beautiful day on the waterfront. It was the perfect opportunity for Bosun School students to launch two of the Picton Castle’s wooden boats and practice some rowing!

But first the team had to get the boats to the beach to launch. This is not an easy task, but rather one that takes great skill and teamwork. The Semi-Dory weighs approximately 800 lbs, and had to be moved approximately 150 ft over land from where she had been getting prepped for launch at the Dory Shop, so you can imagine how much focus and strength it would take to get her from point A to point B. But in true Bosun School fashion, the gang was up to the challenge! Rollers were involved.

By using heavy boat rollers and excellent communication, the Bosun School gang was able to get her safely and efficiently to the beach’s shoreline using only themselves, and their collaboration. No trailers, trucks, winches, or heavy machinery required here!

Once the Semi-Dory was launched safely into Lunenburg Harbour, the next step was to set her up with all the gear required to take her out for a row. Oars, thwarts (aka ‘seats’), deck boards, and bailers were loaded in and set up in the boat. Flotation jackets were distributed and put on, and then the team was ready to take her out for the morning on the water!

A group of five rowers hopped into the Semi-Dory, and two others began prepping the Dory Shop’s beloved dory “Rocky” to join the fleet on the Lunenburg harbour. Once Rocky was launched and geared up, the rest of the morning at Bosun School was spent rowing in the sunshine – a perfect Bosun School day!