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Around the World Rum

Lunenburg is known for many things, not least of which is rum-running. Those days are long gone, and while rum-running is no longer a part of our daily life here in Lunenburg, we certainly consider this to be a nod to our former glory days.

Since shortly before Picton Castle sailed from Lunenburg back in February of 2018, you’ve been hearing about Lunenburg’s Ironworks Distillery and their Around the World Rum. From the day it was brought to the ship hoisted aboard and stowed below decks, to the day Canadian Customs Officials came and sealed & locked the beautiful old oak barrels, and then continuing throughout the entire 16 months it took Picton Castle and crew to sail first to The Gulf Of Mexico and then the circumnavigation of this entire world, we have been posting photos and updates – whetting your appetite for the arrival of this unique rum.

Why unique? Well, partly because it was made right here in Lunenburg at Ironworks Distillery and then sailed 30,000 miles around the world, seasoning in the hold of a sailing ship as she crossed all the oceans of the world.

But wait, there’s more: the vast array of things that affect the taste & quality of a rum is beyond my own basic knowledge – though some are quite obvious: What spices are used (of course). Which type of wood the barrel it is to be aged in is made from, and whether that barrel is new or was used before. Whether it is sitting still to age in the dark completely undisturbed or if it is being maneuvered & jostled about throughout the aging process. The temperature and humidity levels. So much.

Well, this rum? It went in a beautiful oak whiskey barrel from the frigid North Atlantic in February, to the steamy Mississippi in April, to the tropical heat and tradewinds of the South Pacific and humidity of the Indian Ocean, and then on to the balmy Caribbean before heading back up into the chilly North Atlantic once more; all the while rocking, rocking, back & forth at the whim of King Neptune (who visited the ship himself on two occasions). Many things have influenced the aging of this particular rum, and what is left is an entirely unique rum, never to be reproduced ever again. Even if someone were to try to make a rum and sail it around the world, it will be different: it won’t be made by the award-winning Ironworks, nor sailed in Picton Castle. This is the first and the only Ironworks Around the World Rum.

While the rum was locked up tight, doing what needed to be done inside those old oak barrels, back in Lunenburg Pierre & Lynne were working the magic we’ve all come to expect from them:  they handpicked local artists to take part in the project, designing a bottle that evoked Picton Castle’s tall ship silhouette, a pine box beautifully etched not only with the name of the rum but to include the ports around the world the rum visited while aboard Picton Castle, and a painted canvas bag designed to carry both box and bottle. The end result is a beautiful work of art, limited in number. And yesterday was the day – the complete design was unveiled at the Picton Castle wharf here in Lunenburg.

From their very first visit to our offices in Lunenburg with a crazy notion of sailing some rum around the world, I can say that working with Lynne & Pierre was a joy – professional, informative, interesting, exciting and entertaining.

Pierre & Lynne

If you are interested in owning one of these limited edition
bottles, contact Ironworks here in Lunenburg CRAFTED@IRONWORKSDISTILLERY.COM 
It’s important to note that 50% of the profit of each bottle sold is will got
to scholarships for people to take part in sail training aboard Picton
. Nearest & dearest to our hearts here at Picton Castle is
the sail training experience that has such an enormous and positive impact on
the lives of every person who has an opportunity to take part.

Full video of the rum launch in Lunenburg on 18 September 2019