Bosun School

Announcing Bosun School Summer 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are setting up for Bosun School this coming summer 2021 here in Lunenburg Harbour at our wharf and warehouse at the east end of Bluenose Drive and Lunenburg’s working waterfront. All who sign up will get a chance to acquire and hone heaps of ship and boat skills and much else besides. So, if you are interested, we will be looking at June through August, with exact dates to be sorted out soon, “save the date” so to speak.

This is a skills enrichment program for anyone who wants to get better at sailing ships, boats, yachts, working vessel and more.

Rigging skills such as rope and wire splicing, knots and seizings, sending up yards and topmasts, caulking ships and boats, coatings, blocks, tackles, launching and retrieving small boats, prepping and launching small craft followed by lots and lots of small boat handling and sailing in beautiful Lunenburg Harbour Wednesday afternoon races with a small fleet of local enthusiasts, sailmaking, bending and handling sails, introduction to diesel machinery and engine-room systems for those with keen interest. Meet area schooner and yacht owners and get the chance to crew in area pleasure craft and workboats.

This is some serious “messing about in boats”.

We are working out many details now and will be posting these shortly.

Captain Daniel Moreland

If you are interested in joining us for Bosun School this summer, or if you would like more information, please email