A Beautiful Day in Lunenburg to Work on the Picton Castle

On Thursday of last week, the sun was shining and it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time working on the Picton Castle at her winter wharf. We had a small crew come together to help tighten up some of the lines and check off a few of the planned work jobs on our list.

The Picton Castle has fared well over the long winter in Lunenburg, but now that we are starting to see some warmer weather there is of course, lots to be done to get her ready to sail again. There have been some high winds over the past few weeks here, as we typically see during May in Nova Scotia, and we have had some very rainy (and sometimes snowy) days.

Because of the recent winds and weather we needed to tighten up the many winter mooring lines to the dock. The wind made it tricky to get this part done, so we were lucky to have enough extra hands around to help! We did not get too close to each other at all – no one wants to get sick, especially now,  but it is also important to keep the ship secure too.

We plan to spend another full day working on the Picton Castle in the next week or so. We are hoping for another sunny day to dry out the sails, air out some of the hatches and do some cleaning up on the ship. We will have her looking great in no time for when the sailing crew is able to join us again in Lunenburg!

Thank you to Michael, Maddie, Finn, and Magnus for joining the Picton Castle shore crew yesterday morning to help us get this work done!