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Day’s Run – 30 July 2019

Position: Alongside Fire Dock, Sturgeon Bay             

Weather: Partly cloudy and cool with a gentle westerly wind; clearing and warming in afternoon with light winds tending Northeast to East. Southerly winds forecast for tomorrow.

Ship’s work:

Some varnishing & painting

New door handle for foc’s’le door installed

Continue semi dory repair

Install lifting chain for bow of semi dory

Clean & oil rigger’s vice on well deck

Patch servings

Overhaul complete port mainsail clew garnet

Slush fore & main top- and t’gallant masts

Greasing rounds

Captain’s Comments:  Fiji has new tags after she “lost” her harness/ tag in Bay City. It now includes the ship’s phone number. The phone’s ringing hot ever since.

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