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Day’s Run – 25 July 2019

Position: Alongside Leicht Park, Green Bay

Ship’s work Wednesday:

Paintings lots of bits & pieces

Clean quarter deck

Set up ship for public boarding

Ship’s work Thursday:

Penetrol quarter deck

Sanding & painting

Hoist ANN onto dock

Thorough clean of ship after yesterday’s dust storm

USCG inspection. Another lot of very impressed inspectors.


Up and overs with new hands

All drills and emergency stations

Weather Thursday: Partly cloudy and hot with a gentle to moderate southerly breeze

Captain’s Comments: Around 2000 Wednesday a front with 40-kt winds from the North hit with no warning and turned the area into a dust bowl with very restricted visibility. Dust came from adjacent gravel area and bulk facilities. We were tied up well, so no worries.

A sizeable floating dock broke loose upstream and came hurtling down the river at 6 knots (the water was pushed upstream by the strong northerlies and rushed out after the winds came back into the south). Quite a spectacle. The Coast Guard had their hands full corralling the tearaway.

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