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Day’s Run – 4 July 2019


0800 Pilot boards

1200 heave to off Buffalo

1330 set sails

1500 Parade of sail commences

1615 enter south breakwall, all sails now set except Flying Jib and Royals.

1725 parade ends, so we take in sail

1750 docked with pushboat assistance, port side-to, one gangway out

1755 pilot departs

Launch boats, stow kites, second gangway, rig lights

2030 off-watch stood down. Stand into dock and security watches

Captain’s Comments: The parade of sail into Buffalo today was quite the sight, and the day finished with some amazing 4th of July fireworks.  The crew is ready and excited to meet the people of Buffalo and to be a part of their first tall ship festival ever – what an honour!

Position: Alongside Riverwalk Buffalo New York

Weather: Hot and muggy, partly cloudy and calm

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