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Day’s Run – 30 July 2019

Position: Alongside Fire Dock, Sturgeon Bay             

Weather: Partly cloudy and cool with a gentle westerly wind; clearing and warming in afternoon with light winds tending Northeast to East. Southerly winds forecast for tomorrow.

Ship’s work:

Some varnishing & painting

New door handle for foc’s’le door installed

Continue semi dory repair

Install lifting chain for bow of semi dory

Clean & oil rigger’s vice on well deck

Patch servings

Overhaul complete port mainsail clew garnet

Slush fore & main top- and t’gallant masts

Greasing rounds

Captain’s Comments:  Fiji has new tags after she “lost” her harness/ tag in Bay City. It now includes the ship’s phone number. The phone’s ringing hot ever since.

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Day’s Run – Green Bay Festival

26-28 July

Position: Alongside Leicht Park, Green Bay

Weather Friday: Very warm and quite muggy with moderate to gusty South/Southwesterly winds. Some sprinkle

Weather Saturday: hot and muggy with light Southerly winds. Partly cloudy.

Weather Sunday: Cloud increasing. Mild thunderstorm and showers of rain associated with a weak cold front in the evening. Hot and muggy. Light Southwesterly winds.

Ship’s work:

Continue ANN planking

Inspect and replace mousings.

Patch servings

Some spot painting

Continue gunwale repair on semi dory

Workshop & training:

Bracing drills

Festival Visitors:

Friday – 3326

Saturday – 3562

Sunday – 2977

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Day’s Run – 25 July 2019

Position: Alongside Leicht Park, Green Bay

Ship’s work Wednesday:

Paintings lots of bits & pieces

Clean quarter deck

Set up ship for public boarding

Ship’s work Thursday:

Penetrol quarter deck

Sanding & painting

Hoist ANN onto dock

Thorough clean of ship after yesterday’s dust storm

USCG inspection. Another lot of very impressed inspectors.


Up and overs with new hands

All drills and emergency stations

Weather Thursday: Partly cloudy and hot with a gentle to moderate southerly breeze

Captain’s Comments: Around 2000 Wednesday a front with 40-kt winds from the North hit with no warning and turned the area into a dust bowl with very restricted visibility. Dust came from adjacent gravel area and bulk facilities. We were tied up well, so no worries.

A sizeable floating dock broke loose upstream and came hurtling down the river at 6 knots (the water was pushed upstream by the strong northerlies and rushed out after the winds came back into the south). Quite a spectacle. The Coast Guard had their hands full corralling the tearaway.

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Day’s Run – 20 July 2019

Position: Alongside Wenonah Park, Bay City

Weather: Hot & humid, late afternoon thunderstorm with gale-force gusts Saturday

Ship’s work:

Cleaned out main engine exhaust manifold

All LED lights now installed on all bunks.

Captain’s Comments: The event in Bayport was a very well-managed one – hardly surprising, with all of their experience. Security present but not super obvious, which makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Plenty good activities for visitors and ships’ crews. Excellent community support for the event.

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Day’s Run – 14 July 2019

Last day of the event at Cleveland and we had the most visitors across our deck: 2500. What a day!

Pilot booked for tomorrow morning 1000.  Some early morning fresh provisioning before departure.

Planning an anchorage at Port Huron.

Captain’s Comments:  As seems to be the theme of this summer’s voyage of tall ship celebrations – our ship and crew have been a part of another wonderful event. These multi-day ship festivals are such massive projects run almost entirely by volunteers. It is a significant effort on each port’s behalf to put these plans into motion, with so many moving parts (and I don’t just mean the ships themselves!). We enjoyed ourselves immensely, Cleveland – thank you to all!

Position: Alongside #30 Cleveland

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Day’s Run – 13 July 2019

Ship’s work:

Yesterday we sent down the spanker as it needs repair, so today we bend on the new spanker to replace it.

Spot painting.

Captain’s Comments: More today than yesterday: 2,425 visitors crossed our decks today.

Position: Alongside #30, Cleveland

Weather: Sunny and cooler with a moderate Northerly breeze. Forecast light winds turning Southeast. Yesterday’s forecast front did not eventuate.

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Day’s Run – 12 July 2019

Ship’s work

Send down spanker for repair

Commence Sea Never Dry repairs. Sea Never Dry is a traditional (yet colourful) dory that has sailed around the world with us many times. A lovely wooden dory built by Lunenburg’s Dory Shop.

Dry sail

Prepare Picton Castle for the public – our first day of an open ship for the tall ship event in Cleveland.

Open 1100-1800, and we had approximately 2000 visitors come across our deck.

Captain’s Comments: Another US Coastguard Inspection, all good.  Inspections take place in every port and we take each and every one very seriously.  Fox 8 news did a live broadcast with David Moss.

Position: Alongside #30 Cleveland

Weather: Hot, humid and sunny with a light Southwesterly breeze. Forecast weak cold front in the evening.

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Day’s Run – 10 July 2019

Today we departed Buffalo. The Pilot came aboard 0915 – a bit earlier than we anticipated but we were ready for him.

1020 and we had cleared Port of Buffalo. The Mates had the crew break into watches.

Ship’s work:

Spot painting.

Captain’s Comments: This will be an easy passage – one night across Lake Erie in calm conditions.

Position: 8 miles N of Cleveland under easy sail

Weather: partly cloudy & warm with a gentle West-Southwesterly. Earlier passage of moderate front with thunderstorm

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Day’s Run – 9 July 2019

Ship’s work:

Complete build and paint box for bladder tank

Continue work on ANN

Oil decks starboard

Several small painting jobs around the ship

Oil blocks

Tar seizings and ratline clove hitches starboard fore

Some tarring on quarter deck


Up & over with all new hands wanting to go aloft.

Continue ship familiarisation

New hands “Meet the captain”


Walk-through abandon ship, all hands


Heaving lines

Basic knots with new hands

Advanced knots with older hands

Captain’s Comments: All hands seem to be enjoying the workshops and their time on the ship. It’s hard work while we travel, it’s hard work at the festivals. Workshops and small jobs are a pleasant break.  Our time in Buffalo is nearly over, and we can’t say enough about the warm welcome this city has shown us. This has been another great event – a sign of things to come this summer. We have all enjoyed our stay here, including all of the thousands of people who came out to meet us.   Thank you Buffalo!

Position: Alongside Riverwalk Buffalo.

Weather: Warm and humid in the afternoon. Light North/Northeasterly winds

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Day’s Run – 8 July 2019

Ship’s work:

Paint buff and black

Oil decks port side

Bend fore T’Gallant

Mend spanker


Walk-through fire drill

Sail drills

Captain’s Comments:  Familiarisation of new hands continues. Having bid farewell to the other ships who were in Buffalo with us, the crew is happy to take a quiet day without the bustle of an event, but still close to the conveniences of shore life.  Pilots advised of Wednesday departure.

Position: Alongside Riverwalk, Buffalo

Weather: Sunny and warm with light and variable winds. Forecast steady

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