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Days Run May 29, 2019

At noon on May 29, 2019, Picton Castle was at 34-55N and 065-00W. Steering a northerly course. Bermuda is 265 nautical miles astern. The mouth of the Chesapeake Bay is 525 nautical miles on our port beam. Cross Island off Lunenburg 452 nautical miles dead ahead. We are also about a day away from the south wall of the Gulf Stream. We have caught a favourable Gulf Stream eddy giving us another couple extra knots, nice.

Conditions are fine and after steaming all night we just set all sail and shut down the main engine and are sailing again. The weather ahead looks okay to good. Nothing scary on the horizon. Knock wood.

The gang is doing what we always do on nice days at sea; Carlos is making deck planks, Anne Laure is making ratlines, John and Brittni and Corey are working on finishing a new topgallant sail. Half the quarterdeck got oiled.

Only oil half at a time at sea, and rarely even then. But it needs doing, so we do it. Deyan is fixing a port hole. Anders is switching out some t’gallant turning blocks aloft. Nice spaghetti lunch with three different sauces and watermelon. Nice warm beautiful day north bound for Nova Scotia where, we are told, there are still frost warnings. Oh my goodness.

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