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Day’s Run – 1 May 2019

Let the island hopping begin! We sailed into and up the anchor off Hillsborough, Carriacou four days ago after 3,700 miles and 29 days at sea sailing from St Helena and went straight into Island mode again. Carriacou is a lovely quiet place rich in history and a good friend to the Picton Castle. While the duty watch looked after the ship, the free watches sought out beaches, little snack shops, reggae music, swimming and exploring this enchanting isle. We arrived just in time for the Maroon Fest, a celebration of Carriacou heritage with a natural emphasis on the island’s African forbears. Carriacou is well known for being in excellent touch with the African connections of long ago. Dancing in the street, great music, food, and plenty of cold drink. A little carnival it was. Then off to Mama Joy’s at Paradise Beach. And go check out boat building at Windward before dropping in at the beautiful Bayaleau Spice Isle Cottages (an amazing place to stay – peace!!!) to let the breeze cool us off. We sailed off the hook this morning about 0900. Noon found us off Kick ‘Em Jenny, a rock just north of Grenada, famous for rip-snorting currents and an underwater volcano.  Soon come we will anchor off St George’s.  And head ashore again. We have much to do as well: laundry, fill gas bottles, provision up, buy lumber, fuel up if we can, and lots of sailing in the Monomoy.

Date:  May 1, 2019

From: Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies

Towards: St Georges, Grenada, West Indies

Noon position: 12°-17′ North Latitude / 061°-39′ West Longitude

Course and speed: SWly at 6-7 knots under all plain sail

Wind force and direction: force 4-5 Easterly winds

Seas/swell: steady organized ENEly seas 1 metre

Barometer: 1019 and steady

Sky: sunny, partly cloudy, very nice, a bit hazy

Water temperature: 27.3C – 81F

Distance made good in 24 hours: not much Distance to next port: 15 nautical miles from noon, total of 32 from Hillsborough to St George’s

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