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Day’s Run – 23 April 2019

Very broad squall this morning at dawn ushering in an overcast day. Clothes set to soak for a big washing later. Soon a talk on the islands and what is to come. Planks getting cut for ANN, the boat we’re restoring aboard. New life ring holders getting welded on. Small jobs everywhere. Liz is in the galley as Donald’s assistant for the week to learn some of his magic. Making good time and am hoping for a weekend landfall. But never count your chickens before they hatch….

Date: April 23, 2019

From: St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

Towards: Grenada, West Indies

Noon position: 07°-07′ North Latitude / 053°-16′ West Longitude

Course and speed: NWly at 7-8 knots under all plain sail

Wind force and direction: force 4+ NEly winds

Seas/swell: steady organized NEly seas of 2-3+ metres

Barometer: 1016 and rising

Sky: light overcast, cloudy, warm

Water temperature: 27.3C – 81F

Distance made good in 24 hours: 172 nautical miles

Passage log: 3,135 nautical miles

Voyage log: 24,937 nautical miles

Distance to next port: 556 nautical miles as the winds and currents pull us along

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