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Day’s Run – 20 April 2019

Fresh to strong northeasterly trade winds and a strong Brazilian current are sending us on our way. Pretty lumpy seas, no doubt due in part to bounce back off the coast to the leeward. Flying jib, outer jib, fore t’gallant, mainsail, spanker and upper staysails are taken in. Steering is pretty good though.

Date: April 20, 2019

From: St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

Towards: Grenada, West Indies

Noon position: 02°-03′ North Latitude / 047°-18′ West Longitude

Course and speed: northwesterly at 6-7 knots under reduced sail

Wind force and direction: force 5+ northeasterly winds

Seas/swell: rough confused northeasterly seas of 2-3+ metres

Barometer: 1016 and steady

Sky: cloudy, warm

Water temperature: 28.1C – 82F

Distance made good in 24 hours: 155 nautical miles

Passage log: 2,645 nautical miles

Voyage log: 24,447 nautical miles

Distance to next port: 1,044 nautical miles as the current takes us

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