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Day’s Run – 15 April 2019

Fired up the main engine at midday after winds pooped out all together. Looks like a couple days more at 7+ knots to steam out of these doldrums. Lots of rain last night and today. If we had an extra week or two we could sail out of these doldrums. Glad we have a good and big main engine.

Date: April 15, 2019

From: St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

Towards: Grenada, West Indies

Noon position: 03-42S / 034-46W

Course and speed: WxN x 1/2 N, or 287 degrees at 7.3 knots

Wind force and direction: winds all over the place and light

Seas/swell: moderate seas of 1+ metre from the east and SE.  Pretty smooth

Barometer: 1015 steady

Sky: overcast all day – stationary rain squalls we motor through – winds fanning out underneath them

Water temperature: 28.2C – 83F

Distance made good in 24 hours: 92 nautical miles

Passage log: 1,903 nautical miles

Voyage log: 24,021 nautical miles

Distance to next port: 1,834 nautical miles as the shark swims

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