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Day’s Run – 14 April 2019

Shut down the main engine at midday with a decent sailing breeze. Hope it lasts, doubt it will. We sailed within sight of Fernando de Noronha Island at dawn. It was 26 nautical miles to the north. Picking up some current now. But not out of the doldrums yet. Sunday at sea. Dogging the watches today and switching out daymen.

Date: April 14, 2019

From: St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

Towards: Grenada, Windward Isles, Eastern Caribbean of the West Indies, Isles of the Blest Noon position: 04-08S / 033-17W

Course and speed: WxN or 280 degrees at 8.3 knots

Wind force and direction:  East and light at Force 1

Seas/swell: moderate seas of 1+ metre from the east and SE. Also a northerly swell and a small SW swell. Pretty smooth

Barometer: 1014 steady – we are headed towards lower pressure in general but not towards any storm

Sky: Clear and nice at midday anyway

Water temperature: 28.8C – 84F

Distance made good in 24 hours: 199 nautical miles

Passage log: 1,811 nautical miles

Voyage log: 23,939 nautical miles

Distance to next port: 1,955 nautical miles as the mahi mahi swims

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