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Day’s Run – 14 March 2019

We set sail in strong winds off Luderitz early afternoon yesterday. A bright shiny day on the southwest coast of Africa. Soon we were making 7+ knots under lower topsails and foresail and a couple staysails. As we got offshore the winds laid down as expected and we set all sail. It is some breezy around Luderitz. Howls, it does around there. Now we are bound for St Helena island, most famous historically in the west as Napolean Bonaparte’s last address. In addition to this Anglo-French curiosity, St Helena harbours many other fascinations as well. We can expect good sailing all the way and beyond to the Caribbean islands as well almost 5,000 miles away. Just now under all plain sail. Bending more sail. Getting ready for sundry trade wind projects, sailmaking, spar-making, boat repair and navigation & seamanship workshops. And thinking about the next islands.

From: Luderitz, Namibia

Towards: Saint Helena

Date: Thursday March 14, 2019

Noon Position: 25-26S / 013-12E

Course: NW-1/2N, 320 true

Wind direction + Force: SE at Force 3-4

Day’s Run: 131 nautical miles

Distance to Port: 1,200 nautical miles

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