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Day’s Run – 8 March, 2019

Yesterday afternoon the winds and sea made up strong. Sea got pretty lumpy and cross-grained; they still are pretty lumpy and confused. The ship is moving about quite a bit. Steering will give you a sweat. The more experienced and better helmsmen get to put in extra time at the wheel. Last night quite a whistle in rigging. A good way to reclaim one’s sea-legs. And ship’s cook Donald is putting out some fine meals. On we sail.

Date March 8, 2019

From: Cape Town

Towards: Luderitz

Date: March 8, 2019

Noon Position: at 29-42’S x 014° 58’E

Course + Speed: NNW at 7 knot

Wind direction + Force: southerly force 6

Swell Height + Direction: large southerly confused swell

Weather: high over cast, cloudy, breaking

Day’s Run: 160 miles under sail alone

Passage Log: 330 miles

Distance to Port: 180 miles

Voyage: 20,000 miles

Sails Set: under upper topsails and foresail

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