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Cape Town Days

Tavern Of The Seas….

For centuries this cape and this city, once a small town but always a seaport, has been host and refuge for European and North America sailing ships bound to and from the Far East and their home ports. Today it is much the same but most of the ships now coming from the Far East. For this little world girdling barque, it as a sweet port visit and a major turning point. And a great place to do essential and desired things for the ship as well an amazing land and exciting country to visit.

I will start with the ship.

Due to the dry weather, ship suppliers and excellent craftsfolk here we are getting plenty done. All got kicked out of the main salon to go on safari so the salon floor could get ground down to its pretty white pine, which now is gorgeous once again with five coats of heavy gym varnish. Bits and pieces of small welding jobs are taking place about the decks. The pin rails started in Fiji are getting finished. As per annual plan our safety gear is being checked over and recertified as needed. Of course, we will be doing a huge food provisioning before sailing and we will take on about 8,000 litres of fuel too. Ship supply is good here: rope, wire, tools, plumbing, paint, goops, charts and all one could need are here too.

All under the stunning and beautiful tower of Table Mountain. When it gets ready to blow hard out of the SE, the “table cloth” of cloud spills over the top, giving warning, and soon heaps of wind. Fishing vessels and big ships all come and go with tugs in assist, one at each end making sure the ship gets in or out with crunching the docks or us for that matter. Sea lions play in the harbour and even dolphins come in now and then to cavort. Birds in great flocks seem to fly to a morning and afternoon plan, in and out depending on the time of day.

Coming up in the next logs:

What We Are Doing In Cape Town

Christel House School comes to visit their ship.

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