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Day’s Run 12 February 2019

As of this writing, the Picton Castle is six miles south of Cape Agulhas, the most southern tip of Africa. Many assume this southern tip is the Cape of Good Hope, but it ain’t so; Cape Agulhas has that claim. Nothing between us and Antarctica but increasingly cold ocean. And fish and whales and ships…
Beautiful sunny day here. We were surrounded by small dolphin for a spell this morning. Then, later on, we saw a huge massive swarm of them fishing together. A number of fishing trawlers about. And plenty of ships over 1,000 feet long headed for Singapore or Brazil passing us both ways. The gang is excited about getting into Cape Town, and barring the unforeseen we will get into port tomorrow to tie up at Berth “A” at Duncan Basin, not far from the V&A Waterfront which is evidently full of Navy ships right now.

The Cape of Good Hope is about 70 miles ahead to the northwest. An interesting place to visit with all the wild zebras, ostrich and baboons. As well as the crashing surf of the South Atlantic Ocean.

From: Reunion

Towards: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: Feb. 12, 2019

Noon Position: 34-56’S x 019° 56’E

Course + Speed: WNW at 3 knots

Wind direction + Force: light Southerlies

Swell Height + Direction: small southerly swell

Weather: fair and clear

Day’s Run: 172 nautical miles

Distance to Port: about 130 nautical miles

Voyage: 19,895 nautical miles

Sails Set: all plain sail

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