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Day’s Run 11 February 2019

Steaming along here making westing about 60 nautical miles south of Knysna, RSA (Republic of South Africa) which is on the bottom of South Africa and has great oysters. Not much wind but plenty ships round the “Cape of Storms” sailing east and west. And huge ones too. Plenty of bulk carriers and tankers over 1,000 feet long (300 meters+). Been damp all night but not bad. Making good time even if it is using up fuel.

From: Reunion

Towards: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: Feb. 11, 2019

Noon Position: 35-03’S x 023° 16’E

Course + Speed: west at 7 knots

Wind direction + Force: light easterlies

Swell Height + Direction: small southerly swell

Weather: cool, overcast, good visibility

Day’s Run: 237 nautical miles, yep, that’s right folks

Distance to Port: about 320 miles

Voyage: 19,723 miles

Sails Set: none

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