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Day’s Run – 8 February 2019

Blowing pretty hard. We are 65 nautical miles off the coast. Under shortened sail. Expect it to blow a bit more before it lays down, maybe a bit over 30 knots. The gang is well briefed. Port and starboard watertight doors are shut on the cabin trunk. Everything pretty well snugged down. Double gaskets on t’gallants and royals and so on. Pretty day though, sunny with blue skies. Still have flying fish soaring about. Closing with coast of South Africa.

From: Reunion

Towards: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: Feb. 8th, 2019

Noon Position: 29-49’S x 032° 33’E

Course + Speed: 240 T at 7.5 knots

Wind direction + Force: NNEly at Force 6-7

Swell Height + Direction: 2-4 metre swell, white caps everywhere, spray and foam

Weather: fair and partly cloudy

Day’s Run: 140 nautical miles

Distance to Port: 880 nautical miles

Sails Set: upper topsails, fore sail, fore topmast stays’l, main topmast stays’l

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