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Day’s Run – 6 February 2019

Making good time under power. Wind has filled in some from the SW, so we have fore and aft sails set. Wind might come back enough to set squares later, we will see. Meantime, no dilly-dallying on our way to the Cape.
Workshop today will be “ship types and how to identify them”. We saw almost no ships across the South Pacific but we are seeing plenty of ships now: tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers, container ships, long-line fishing boats. We will see more ships when we get close to the coast, so this is a good time for this. Dirk will lead this session.

From: Reunion

Towards: Cape Town, South Africa

Date: Wed Feb 6th, 2019

Noon Position: 29-42’S x 036° 36’E

Course + Speed: 275 T at 7 knots

Wind direction + Force: SWly at Force 4

Swell Height + Direction: small SW swell

Weather: sunny and clear

Day’s Run: 165 nautical miles

Distance to Port: 1100 nautical miles

Voyage: 18,877 nautical miles

Sails Set: heads’ls, main topmast stays’l, t’gallant stays’l, spanker

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