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Day’s Run – 19 November, 2018

Indian Ocean Bound for Bali, south of Sumbawa, west of Sumba

After another evening of half the crew sleeping soundly on the hatch, Monday morning started with a hot sunrise on our backs as the crew sipped their morning coffee on the aloha deck. After breakfast our avid fisherman Colin spent his morning untangling his rather large fishing line, on-lookers admired his patience and perseverance. Rigger Abbey, with the assistance of James, changed out the fore lower topsail sheets. This required each of them splicing the ends of the new line onto the sheets cleats, applying two whippings and reeving them through the blocks that are attached to chains. Annie and Dawson spent the morning enjoying a rousing game of ‘Go Fish’, until he decided it was time to assist carpenter Carlos with puttying the open seams on the quarterdeck he had just caulked. Sailmaker John is one seam away from completing all of the seaming on the spanker, this is the last step before its second layout, which will hopefully take place in Bali. The scullery team, Mandy, David and Rhyanne, had their hands full deep cleaning veggie lockers and freezers, but with the help of the Beach Boys they’ve been thoroughly enjoying their day. We’re full steam ahead as we near the home stretch for Bali, arriving in Indonesia will mark the end of the second leg and pretty much halfway around this world.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been at sea for 7 months!

From: Vanuatu

Towards: Bali

Date: Monday, November 19, 2018

Noon Position: 09°47.6′ S – 117°21.3′ E

Course + Speed: NW by W + 7.1 kts

Wind direction + Force: Westerly + 4

Swell Height + Direction: 2m + Westerly

Weather: Hot

Day’s Run: 169.6 nm

Passage Log: 3175.5 nm

Distance to Port: 140 nm

Voyage: 13545.1 nm

Sails Set: None, motoring


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