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Day’s Run – 18 November, 2018

Sunday at Sea, there is a calm feeling in the atmosphere. Despite the heat, crew members are enjoying their relaxing day after this morning’s up and stow; always a nice start to the day: to climb freshly out of bed and keep climbing up through the rigging, laying out onto the yard and busting up a sail. It resembles a morning workout, getting the heart pumping and blood moving. Once all square sails were securely stowed to their yards, crew enjoyed a delicious breakfast put out by today’s galley cooking team, Stephanie, Jack and James. Later in the day, the Danish Clipper opened for business, cleaning up our male shipmates’ mops and making them presentable for port. A self-respecting sailor works hard on the ship, has dirt under their fingernails, tar up and down their forearms and a shirt so stained it’s unrecognizable. But once in port cleans up, dresses appropriately and presents themselves to the charms of shore with class.

As it’s already mid-November and Bali will be our last port of call before the holiday, the Christmas Council met today to discuss the events. Christmas music, baking, secret Santa, chocolate egg hunt, and a Christmas brunch are all on the agenda for the celebration at sea! The ship has the Hippy Happy Divy Divy Christmas tree and ornaments collected over the years.

As this afternoon carries on, shipmates continue the final touches on their ditty bags, work on their rope mats, playing games in the salon and catching up on their reading. And six-year-old Dawson went on a ship-wide treasure hunt to find the long lost buried candy. Happy Sunday at Sea from the Indian Ocean!

From: Vanuatu

Towards: Bali

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Noon Position: 10°56.0′ S – 120°00.0′ E

Course + Speed: NW by N + 8.1 kts

Wind direction + Force: W’ly + 2

Swell Height + Direction: 1-2m + SW’ly

Weather: Hot, sunny

Day’s Run: 187.9 nm

Passage Log: 3005.2 nm

Distance to Port: 315 nm

Voyage: 13379.6 nm

Sails Set: None, motoring


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