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Day’s Run – 15 November, 2018

Breezy morning on deck as the winds picked up on our beam. As crew munched down on this morning’s breakfast of porridge and eggs, grey skies rolled towards us. At 0830 the rain poured, nobody complained, it was a refreshing start to the day after an evening of hot, humid air. This sent every department into cleaning and inventory mode. The 8-12 watch slacked wet gear to ensure that the manila lines wouldn’t strain under tension. The riggers took a break from climbing aloft and dug down below the salon into the sole, organizing and taking inventory of the ship’s rigging supplies.

Once the rain cleared, the carpenters hauled out tools to be cleaned up, they have spent the afternoon sprucing them up on the hatch. Clara was able to add stitching to the new t’gallant. And six-year-old Dawson reeled in a fish! A “baby tuna” as he calls it.

One of the biggest jobs today is preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast tonight! Celebrating the American traditional meal of family gathering around the dining room table, in our case the salon, overstuffing themselves with turkey and pie and arguing over who snores the loudest. It’s fitting that we are celebrating a holiday that is traditionally spent with family, because whether we like it or not that’s what we are.

From: Vanuatu

Towards: Bali

Date: Thursday, November 14, 2018

Noon Position: 10°52.6′ S – 129°16.5′ E

Course + Speed: W + 8 kts

Wind direction + Force: ENE + 2

Swell Height + Direction: 1m + Easterly

Weather: Sunny, hot

Day’s Run: 187.3 nm

Passage Log: 2442.4 nm

Distance to Port: 860 nm

Voyage: 12811.8 nm

Sails Set: Inner and outer jib

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