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Day’s Run – 14 November, 2018

Off Coburn Penninsula

Hot, hot, hot again today, we’ve been lucky that once the evening rolls around and the sun retires for the night, things cool off and crew are able to get a good night’s rest. As soon as breakfast rolls around the following day we are lathering on sunblock and awnings are rigged up in order to protect us from the sun’s violent rays.

Today we have almost every deck covered by a tarp or awning, it looks as though we have little fortresses all around our ship; the main deck awning, the bridge awning, helm awning, and the quarterdeck, aloha deck and foc’sl head all are blanketed with protection in order for crew members to work in the comforts of the shade.

Despite the heat, the crew continues to work, keeping the ship up. On the main mast, the tangs that hold the mizzen stay are being rust busted as well as the starboard fore shrouds. The foresail sheet sheave in the bulwarks was overhauled and reinstalled. The sheer pole on the starboard side of the mainmast was re-lashed in place.

The carpenters, Carlos of Ontario and Mandy of Colorado, work on installing a new plank in the quarterdeck and caulking it by hammering the oakum around the plank. This is the traditional method of caulking a ship’s deck. Sailmakers, John of Massachusetts and Clara of Denmark, are busy applying window patches to the royal, this sail dates back to the ship’s third world voyage! Brittni works away at completing the three-step pilot ladder while Corey scraped and primed the coffee station. Busy morning on board, what’s keeping us all going throughout the afternoon is the Captain’s idea of having a mid-day power shower! The fire hose will be rigged up on port side, work will be put on pause and everyone will enjoy a refreshing cool down.

From: Vanuatu

Towards: Bali

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Noon Position: 10°35.4′ S – 132°26.3′ E

Course + Speed: W 1/2 N + 4.9 kts

Wind direction + Force: ESE + 2

Swell Height + Direction: 1m + Easterly

Weather: HOT

Day’s Run: 116.5 nm

Passage Log: 2,254.1 nm

Distance to Port: 1050 nm

Voyage: 12623.5 nm

Sails Set: lower topsails, upper topsails, t’gallants, fore topmast staysail

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