Gulf of Mexico

Voyage to the Gulf of Mexico

In 12+ years with Picton Castle, I’ve learned that the itinerary of a sailing ship is always flexible and that anything can change at any moment. So, when we were approached by Tall Ships America with an invitation to participate in the Tall Ships Challenge in the Gulf of Mexico this April, we didn’t immediately […]

Atlantic Ocean Lunenburg Miscellaneous

Getting Ready for Sea

GETTING READY FOR SEA By: Captain D. Moreland A pretty deep, snowy and proper winter here in Lunenburg these days. The PICTON CASTLE is snugly moored to her wharf; 1,500 pound anchor and 300 feet of big anchor chain out in the harbour holding her against SE gales and storms to which this harbour is […]

Lunenburg Miscellaneous

Winter Weather Woes

12 January, 2017 It is an incredibly mild day here in Lunenburg today. It’s actually  +12°c/54°f which is incredibly warm for us on a mid-January day in Nova Scotia. The harbour is almost perfectly calm; this morning as I was walking down Bluenose Drive is was a sheet of glass. Just perfect. You would never […]

Bosun Scool Lunenburg

Bosun School – The Wrap Up

Our 8th Bosun School has come to a close, and we had a lovely graduation ceremony at Lunenburg’s historic Dory Shop on Friday 18 December. Closing ceremonies are an important part of the Bosun School. Each of the participants works so hard – it isn’t easy, this school of ours. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get through it, and that is one of the reasons we only offer it to individuals who already have some amount of sea experience under their belt; people who already know they want to work at sea.  So much hard work deserves acknowledgement, and the closing ceremony is designed to provide that. In the final weeks of the school, Captain Moreland met individually with each of the participants to talk about what they see in their future. He was able to provide them with advice, suggestions, and recommendations, sometimes helping them with their plan and sometimes pointing them in another direction. Some of the graduates are planning going on to take additional courses from other institutions; some are going on to work on otherships; all were offered the opportunity to crew the ship as Picton Castle heads to Bermuda in February.  Almost all accepted the offer. Because as important as it is to have the   the time to dedicate to learning these skills on land, there is no better place to practice these new skills than at sea. Captain Sikkema is heading south with a very capable crew indeed! The graduation at the Dory Shop was a great night. It started with some music by Bosun School students Cici, Anders & Lars, along with a few drinks and snacks, then a sit-down meal of hot fish […]