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Day’s Run – 3 July, 2017

By Ship’s Purser Allison

With 8 new trainees on board from Summerside the new crew are becoming familiar with the ways of the PICTON CASTLE. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming when we first head out to sea but the excitement often prevails. There is so much to learn and remember but soon it becomes easier and other crew members are always available to help guide them through the learning curve. Today the new crew learned about the correct and safe way to use a harness and began their aloft training. It can be very exciting when going aloft the first few times but you are not alone nor are you required to if you are uncomfortable. Being aloft, however, is the best view around and when the command is announced, crew immediately snap to attention and begin their ascent. The view is particularly nice today as we travel up the coast of New Brunswick, past Gaspe towards the Miscou Banks towards the St. Lawrence. This is a short passage but some very good sailing!

Noon Position: 43°52′.4N 064°15′.1W

Day’s Run: 117.8NM

Voyage: 3847NM

Distance to Port: 203NM

Course + Speed: NE 4-8 knots

Wind: Force 3 WSW

Weather: Good, cloudy

Swell Height and Direction: <1 metre SW


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