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Day’s Run – 27 June, 2017

By Ship’s Purser: Allison Steele

Today we heaved up anchor at 0830 and headed to meet our pilot to take us through the Canso Strait. The Canso Strait is the waterway that divides mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. The Canso Canal was created between 1951 and 1953 and connects Chedabucto Bay on the Atlantic Ocean to St. George’s Bay on the Northumberland Strait, a sub-basin of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is 27km long and is around 3km wide and can accommodate any vessel that can travel along the St. Lawrence Seaway. There is a lock system that protects the waterway from the tidal difference between the two bodies of water which can reach up to a meter difference. As we make our way closer to Summerside, the weather has become warmer now that shore is in sight the dark green of land makes a nice contrast to the blue of the water. Days are quiet but busy as we prepare for our next Port and the crew puts their new skills into action with working aloft, rigging and rope projects. Rope mats, in particular, seem to be appearing throughout the day as it is a seemingly simple three step skill but in fact, takes quite a bit of time and attention. Once you start though it’s difficult to put it down until it is complete as there is a certain satisfaction to every task we complete. Not only are rope mats decorative, they also help to protect the deck from blocks that rest on top of it. There is always something new and interesting to learn and the crew is eager to get as much as they can from their time on board.

Fiji the Cat, looking after the rope


Noon Position: 43°44′.3N 061°39′.6W

Day’s Run: 83.9NM

Passage: 519.7NM

Voyage: 3576NM

Distance to Port: 142.3NM

Course and Speed: NW 3.5 knots

Wind: Force 1, variable

Weather: Good



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