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Bosun School and the Martha Seabury

Late summer is probably the best time of year in Lunenburg. We’ve been blessed with outstanding weather, sunny, warm and pleasant. Hurricane Leslie, which we had been watching closely, kindly avoided Lunenburg. Convenient for the Bosun School, because it makes the wharf, the boatyard at the Dory Shop and any number of other outdoor spaces our classrooms, where students can get hands-on practice with real vessels.

And practice they have. Shortly after Picton Castle‘s return to Lunenburg at the beginning of August, the crew and students assisted with the launch of the Martha Seabury, one of two twin schooners 48′ in length, built side by side at the Dory Shop. The Bosun School has been involved in rigging her up since she floated.

Much of that work has taken place aboard the vessel herself – splicing wire and rope, serving, and seizing; high-quality paint and varnish finishes; stepping masts; making sensible arrangements for stowing things; small carpentry jobs; and more.

The sail loft at the Dory Shop has also been abuzz with activity as the tanbark duradon sails for this gaff-rigged schooner come together. They were laid out and seamed by machine during our introductory Bosun School in Bristol, Rhode Island, and have been worked on continuously since then, with all of the finishing work done by hand.

The Martha Seabury set out on her maiden voyage last week, bound for the Newport International Boat Show with Michael Moreland at the helm. Now that she’s sailing, the Bosun School is turning some attention to other projects and spending as much time as possible out on the water in small boats.

On evenings and weekends, the crew and students have been enjoying life on land – cycling, running, shopping, sightseeing, and spending some time at the Grand Banker, the Ice House, and the Knot, some of our favourite places in Lunenburg to have a cool drink.

getting Martha Seabury s rigging in place
Laerke, Maria and Hege work on the Martha Seabury sails
Maria bends on the jib on the Martha Seabury
Proud sailmakers Lola, Laerke, Maria, Hege and Drea

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