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Announcing The Summer 2012 Itinerary

We love when a plan comes together. Especially when that plan is full of fun, interesting ports, some we’ve been to before and some new places, adequate time for sailing and lots of opportunities to share our barque with people. Bring on the summer of 2012!

It’s been a busy time here in the Picton Castle office as we’ve been working out the details of our voyage plan. Making arrangements with ports, measuring distances and calculating speed of advance, weighing the options for how best to give people a chance to join us on board this summer. I must admit I’m pleased with the results. Here’s how it has all worked out:

Leg 1A – Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada to St. George’s, Bermuda – April 9 to April 21

Leg 1B – St. George’s, Bermuda to Savannah, Georgia, USA – April 21 to May 5

Leg 1C – Savannah, Georgia, USA to New York City, USA – May 5 to May 19

Leg 1D – New York City, USA to Greenport, New York, USA – May 19 to May 26

Leg 1E – Greenport, New York, USA to Norfolk, Virginia, USA – May 26 to June 9

Leg 1F – Norfolk, Virginia, USA to Newport, Rhode Island, USA – June 9 to June 23

Leg 1H – Newport, Rhode Island, USA to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – July 7 to July 21

Leg 1I – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to Dublin, Ireland – July 21 to August 25

Most of the legs of the voyage are two weeks in length, with one one-week leg from New York City to Greenport, on Long Island. These are ideal opportunities for anyone who has been dreaming of sailing a square-rigger to give it a try. As always, everyone aboard is a working crew member, standing watches and participating in all aspects of sailing the ship. This could also be an introduction to tall ship sailing – maybe you’re considering a longer voyage and want to take a taste test first to make sure you like it as much as you think you will. Or perhaps you’ve sailed with us before and want to get back to it again!

And, for the first time ever, you could join us on a transatlantic passage. Step aboard in Halifax, then spend the next week sailing along Nova Scotia’s coast while being fully trained and prepared for the transatlantic crossing from Nova Scotia to Ireland. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be out of sight of land for weeks at a time, able to focus solely on the ship and increasing your level of skill in traditional seamanship, this is your chance.

Applications are now being accepted for this summer’s offerings, and we continue to accept applications for Legs 2 and 3 of the voyage in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Spanish Main.

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