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Bosun School in Lunenburg

How goes the Bosun School, one might ask? Going very well indeed, it is. Since arrival in Lunenburg our participants (from Canada, USA, Finland, Iceland and Denmark) have been very busy! They have been fixing and repairing boats, rowing boats, sailing boats, moving boats, bending sails, handling sails, sending sail down, making knots, splicing ropes, making seizings, splicing wire, serving wire. They have been helping on schooners and sailing them too; everything drops if a schooner is to go sailing this day. They have even been building a boat. Soon we move into sailmaking….

attaching the stern of the skiff
bending on the fore upper topsl
getting ready to bend on the fore upper topsl
Heather hangs a plank on the tropical hardwood skiff
Lauren, Heather and Samanta rowing in Uncle C
some of the beautiful schooners on which we ve been sailing!
tarring a serving in progress
working on the stem of the skiff in the Dory Shop

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